Expand stereo into realistic, studio-quality, 8
channel surround without losing fidelity

Joseph Yeung

Ex-FiiO employee and audio engineer, Joe has expertise to cover many devices from headphones to PCs to mobile audio players.

James Fung

Developer of JDSP, an Android audio effect DSP library downloaded by over 30,000 users, and a Signal processing developer he has created a uniquely efficient engine for the spatializer.

Laster K.

Enthusiastic Android kernel developer, and team member of Ainur Sauron. Founder of Zest Kernel Projecc, and is associated with many other OSS projects.

Zach Brian

GUI developer and designer for EFO, part of many Android Audio teams inc. ARISE Audio.

  • HPH Expansion
  • Android-ready
  • Native Code

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